Thursday, February 20, 2014


Every group has an ideology, whether its represented unconsciously or consciously.  Each group consists of members that come from a certain socio-economic background, sometimes through a variety of sorts, sometimes not.  It mirrors the current societal movements and systems it corresponds.

I hereby declare:

DB is an entity

in which its members hold no loyalty to no particular state or country.  

He/She is a country of one, sometimes of many origins, sometimes not.  

We encompass ALL qualities of where we come from: Born, raised, nurtured, hardened, LIVED.

Home is a collage of landscapes and places.  Home is where the heart sleeps at night.  

It is a temporary rest stop,

a harbor, a train station, a motel, an oasis,

amidst the desert of one's mind.

If you feel displaced from the place where you come from, 

then this is the right place for you.

The SEA is our religion.

Our members seek beyond the unknown,

from the uncharted waters of your mind to the pyramid of your ego, ALL LANDSCAPES were meant to be remembered and forgotten, until they become a fractured image of multiple visions seen in various angles.  

It is then reassembled from the ashes, and glued back into one cohesive image.

A passport of collages.

The spirit of running horses.

The waves of the ever receding tides.

Your identification card in a folding hologram of multiple colors and dimensions, like a neon blazing through the night.

Beyond any border,

beyond any social economical or political background.

I am my own country.

Alex Zhang Hungtai

Shanghai, Feb 20th, 2014









Nir Sheetrit said...

Love you brother


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Vincent Teetsov said...

So, so true. For a long time I thought I was alone in this kind of feeling of being from nowhere in particular. Even other people that grew up in military families or with origins in other places, they all clung onto one specific place.

Better to rely on yourself I say.

I like your music a lot, too, by the way. Listening to it a lot lately while I've been writing songs and stuff. Your overall style is refreshing.

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